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Creature Texture Painting in Mari

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  • 10 Oct 2011 - 04 Dec 2011
  • Current Fee: $599 USD

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This course is closed for enrollments, submit the form to get notified early next time this course runs.

Course Overview

Image Engine's Lead Texture Painter Justin Holt shares with you the secrets that helped him create textures for iconic characters like The Incredible Hulk and Rattlesnake Jake in Gore Verbinski's Rango.

With The Foundry offering free educational Mari licenses to students of this course for the 8 week duration, there's even more reason to join Justin as he goes into detail on the best ways to develop film quality textures, colour palettes, and all the different kinds of mapping you'll need to complete your creature asset (model courtesy of Bruno Melo.)

Justin will be on hand to give you personal feedback, paint-overs and answer questions on hard-to-paint areas like eyes and skin.  Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best Mari artists in the world.

  • Justin Holt

    Currently Justin is the lead texture painter at Image Engine in Vancouver BC working on Neill Blomkamp's 3rd highly anticipated f...

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