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Nuke 7 New Features

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  • 14 Jan 2013 - 11 Feb 2013
  • Current Fee: $329 USD

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Course Overview

The Foundry is releasing Nuke 7, a major new release with important upgrades to many aspects of Nuke plus several brand new nodes. This workshop is designed for Nuke artists already using Nuke 6 that want to quickly come up to speed on the new features in Nuke 7. This is an opportunity to learn these sophisticated new features in depth from Nuke master trainer Steve Wright, renowned for his accuracy, detail and clarity. If you are not yet a Nuke artist then watch for Steve’s Nuke 2D and Nuke 3D compositing workshops at CGSociety where you can learn Nuke in depth.

The 2D side of Nuke has received major upgrades not only with new features but also brand new nodes. The improvements in tracking, spline warping, and roto work will speed up your workflow and improve your artistic control. Big new nodes include high quality degraining, optical flow speed changes, and the final release of deep images and deep compositing.

The Foundry has invested heavily in major new 3D capabilities such as support for Alembic geometry, several all new image-based modeling tools, a powerful new point cloud generator with built-in mesh construction, plus major upgrades to the Particles system. These features and many more are a must for 3D compositing with Nuke.



Here are your options for a Nuke license for this workshop:

- Purchase a special 10 week Nuke training license from CGSociety for $75 (contact
- Use the PLE version of Nuke (no license required, but a few minor limitations)

If you already have a Nuke license you are good to go.

Steve Wright is a 20 year visual effects veteran with compositing film credits in over 70 feature films such as Shutter Island, Night at the Museum 2, Blade III, Ray, Solaris, Traffic, U-571, Air Force One, and many, many more. He now travels around the world conducting digital compositing training for major visual effects facilities, creates training programs, conducts location-based and on-line workshops, and has written two highly successful books on digital compositing, “Digital Compositing for Film and Video” and “Compositing Visual Effects”, both available on (links below). He has also won Telly Awards for the high quality training videos made for this workshop.




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  • Steve Wright

    Steve is a 20 year visual effects compositing veteran with  film credits in over 70 feature films such as Shutter Island, Night...

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