Nuke Compositing for 3D Artists - June 2014

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  • Enrollments Open: 28 Apr 2014
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This course is not yet open for enrollments, submit the form to be notified when it is open.

Course Overview

Nuke compositing for 3D artists is the perfect course for anyone who produces or works with 3D renders. This includes Lighting Artists looking to composite their own shots, or compositors wanting more knowledge on dealing with 3D renders.

Formally “Compositing for feature animation”, the course has been updated to cover the latest features added in Nuke 8. This includes Deep Compositing (including example deep images in the OpenExr 2.0 format for students to experiment with) and Blink scripting.

The course will cover common production tasks, such as dealing with multi-channel exrs, linear color, motion blur, depth of field and premultiplied images. It will then move on to more advanced topics; working with position passes, creating skies in nuke, eye reflections, re-lighting, stereo workflows, deep compositing, expressions and creating gizmos.

Even for people familiar with Nuke will hopefully learn a few new tricks. Each lesson will include high quality 3D renders to work with. Students will finish the course with the confidence to composite on an Animated Feature, and maybe even teach a few new tricks!

The Personal Learning Edition of Nuke is the only software you will need to take this course, however we do have a time-limited full version of Nuke available to students of this workshop for a small additional cost.

  • Nick Deboar

    Nick Deboar has been working in the animation and VFX industry for over 11 years, specializing in Lighting and Surfacing.

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