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David Alexander

David is a VES Award-nominated visual effects artist and supervisor with credits spanning television, commercials, music videos and feature films.

David has over 16 years experience and has recently completed work for season three of Game of Thrones.  He has also contributed to a wide range of productions, including OZ, Hunger Games, Green Lantern, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Michael Jackson's This Is It, I Am Number Four, Yogi Bear, Law Abiding Citizen, Smallville, Vampire Diaries, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The X-Files II, Donnie Darko, The Cat in the Hat, Swordfish, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Terminal, and many others.

Over the years David has written a library of custom software that have been instrumental in completing complicated visual effects shots on time and budget. His software has been featured in several industry magazines and presentations.


Instructors Courses

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Advanced Maya Dynamics - Breaking Ground

David Alexander

Creating photoreal effects has always been one of the hardest jobs in computer graphics. There’s a very fine balance between simulation and creative control. This is especially true in a fast paced post production world. In this 8 week course David Alexander will take you through the entire shot recently completed for a major TV series. You will learn production proven techniques on how to procedurally generate cracks, falling debris and dust, replicate objects along a surface, work with particle instances, expressions and dyn...

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