Sze Jones

Sze Jones is best known for her heroine character creations in game cinematics. Professionally employed as the Lead Character Artist at Naught Dog and the Character Modeling Supervisor for Blur Studio for 8 years. she has expertise in creating high quality and next gen iconic characters.

Her specializations in production are: Character design, facial expressions setup, fur and hair styling, pipeline consultation and design, artistic supervision and workflow implementation.

Some of her notable creations are :

Uncharted 3 Cinematic and ingame - Marlowe, Elena and Chole 
Mass Effect 2 Cinematic - Jack/ Subject Zero, Miranda
Tomb Raider Underworld Cinematic - Lara Croft 
Dante's Inferno Cinematic - Beatrice
Halo Wars Cinematic - Anders and Sebrina 
Star Wars: The Old Republic (Jedo vs Sith) Cinematic - Eleena Daru and Shae Vizla
Star Wars: The Old Republic (Hope) E3 Trailer -Satele Shan
Warhammer Online: The Age of Reckoning Cinematic -Dark Elf Sorceress 
Hellgate London Cinematic - Emmera, Lyra and Cabalist 
The Age of Conan - Keira
Empire Earth III - Viral Carrie and Bowman 
Everquest II - Antonia 
Æon Flux cinematic - Æon Flux
Prototype Cinematic - Female Pedestrian
Fable 2 Cinematic - Theresa
The Simpsons Movie Trailer - Bunny
Niagara's Fury Ride Film: Chip
Blur's Short: Gentlemen's Duel: Adeline 
Blur's Short: Gopher Broke Fur setup

Website: www.szejones.com

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Iconic Heroine Design and Creation

Sze Jones

It is often said capturing the beauty and soul of a digital character is the most difficult task as it requires an abundance of artistic and technical knowledge. Often, information is scattered and it can be overwhelming to develop a work flow without having all the technical puzzles put together. This course is a time saver as Sze Jones will share her accumulated knowledge through her prolonged production experience. In this eight-week workshop, Sze will help you work through commonly known obstacles, teach you to problem solve th...

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21st Apr 2014 - 16th Jun 2014

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Iconic Heroine Design and Creation

Sze Jones

In this intense workshop, Sze Jones will demonstrate her workflow, provide valuable insights, professional critiques, topology notes and artistic paint-overs base on her industry experience for over a decade. Participants will learn the methods and procedures required for completing their characters from design to the production ready model. Level of Ability (Intermediate to Advanced)This workshop is aimed at intermediate to advanced users. Students are expected to have basic knowledge and navigation skills for ZBrush, Mudbox, 3...

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Iconic Heroine Design and Creation

3D Modeling
with Sze Jones

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